Hello there!

I am an E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher, Yoga2Life Coach and Co-Founder of Creativity Flow Yoga. I teach public yoga classes at YogaWorks that are fun, flowing and focused.  I teach Private Yoga classes for individuals seeking one-on-one attention and for groups to create a sense of community, calm and fun.  I truly believe yoga brings us to a greater state of peace and clarity so we can be the best version of ourselves and share that with the world. Don’t be surprised if after class you breathe more deeply, laugh more often and find more reasons to smile.

 I became a Certified Life Coach because many of my students were getting to a point where they were needing more direction in their life than just our asana, pranayama and meditation practices were providing.  I believe that we all have the tools to reveal our true light or true self; peaceful, kind and loving spiritual beings having a human experience.  But sometimes part of this experience reveals changes we need to make in our lives or questions we need to answer to create the life we want.   Coaching gives me the opportunity to co-create a process with you to help you live a life that you love!  A coaching session can be done over the phone or in person. I specialize in two things:

  • I empower women to create a self-care regimen for themselves so they can love the life they live!
  • I help people unlock their creative potential and find ease and strength in facilitating their own unique call to creative action.    

I have helped many people by providing life coaching services for them.  Life coaching is an experience where we get to co-create a clear vision of how to turn your goals into reality.  If you need to make a shift or want some direction in your life, let’s connect!

I received my B.A. in English at UC Irvine, where I first fell in love with yoga.  Yoga and its physical asanas created balance amidst the chaos and love of the written word and its meaning in my life.  Yoga seemed to help channel and release certain things that I needed to find relief from emotionally and physically, clear my mind, strengthen me physically, generally make me a happier person and do much more that I simply cannot put into words yet which is why I am primarily a yoga teacher and life coach now and not just a writer.  However, I do still write today, most commonly yoga blog posts; for Fabletics, Yoga2Life and my own website, but I also enjoy writing poetry and songwriting.   In my spare time I continue to study yoga, write, sing, cook, dance, re-purpose, hike with my dog, Roo and enjoy life in the hills with my rockstar of a husband, John and our sweet baby girl Jade.

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I enjoy giving back to the community.   I have done fundraisers or community events in the past for Unlikely Heroes via Imagine Fest, One Orlando Fund, Golden State Cancer Center and I look forward to holding more events to serve my community.  If you feel moved to contribute to these organizations, they are highly recommended.   If you are interested in setting up something please connect with me.