Life Coaching

Coaching gives me the opportunity to co-create a process with you to help you live a life that you love!                                                 








  • Let’s explore together what makes you thrive!
  • What do you want to work on?
  • This package includes one 1 hour session where we will explore together and see what you want to work on. $100










  • Let’s visualize your dream life!
  • What do your dreams actually look like, feel like- can you imagine that?
  • This package includes three 1 hour sessions to bring your dreams and desires into your head so you can clearly see where you are headed.  No one knows how to get to where they want to go if they do not know what road will take them there. Let’s map it together! $300











  • Let’s make something extraordinary!
  • We will create an opportunity to grow and expand upon your dreams to make them a reality.
  • We’ve made the map all you have to do now is follow it.
    This package includes five 1 hour sessions to bring your dream life into fruition.  I will hold you accountable for taking your first steps toward this journey and you will feel empowered to make lasting change.  $500


with gratitude