Life Coaching

Life coaching gives me the opportunity to co-create a process with you to help you live a life that you love! Achieve your goals and see lasting results!  Life coaching is tailored to your unique goals, desires and needs to make your vision a reality! 

I offer Individual Life Coaching Sessions:

Are you seeking motivation and need to make a shift in your life?  I will work with you in one-on-one sessions to facilitate a safe environment where you can thrive and grow toward your goals.

I specialize in two areas:

  • I empower people to create a self-care regimen for themselves so they can love the life they live!
  • I help people unlock their creative potential and find ease and strength in facilitating their own unique call to creative action. 

I offer Group Coaching to businesses, families and couples!  Stay inspired and motivated to move toward your goals.

I specialize in 3 areas of Group Coaching:

  • I offer a healing space where families and couples can come together to learn how to be healthy and create a healthy lifestyle routine that works for them and their families’ needs.
  • I offer a creative space where employees can come together to share ideas and goals and to think creatively in the workplace in order to foster growth, solutions and productivity.