Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the “lifeblood” of the plant.  Essential oils are volatile liquids distilled from roots, stems, leaves,

flowers, bark or resin of the plant.  Essential oils are healing plant medicines that can create profound transformational effects in our lives.  Each oil has a different purpose; calming, meditative, energizing, healing, aid to digestion, soothing, uplifting, or creating joy, etc.  I use Young Living Essential Oils therapeutically in my public and private yoga classes, Creativity Flow Yoga classes and workshops, life coaching  and reiki sessions as well as in my daily health and wellness routine!  Young Living Essential Oils are pure plant essences.

If you are interested in Essential Oils from Young Living:

You can sign up as either a wholesale/distributor account where you save 24% off the cost of your oils or as a Customer where you pay retail. Go to and choose signup in upper right corner.

Put my ID # 2093591 in both Enroller and Sponsor ID # spaces where it asks for who referred you.

Make sure you write down your member number when the system gives it to you and the password and pin code. You’ll need this information for future purchases.