3 Yoga Poses to Feel Grounded

3 Yoga Poses to Feel Grounded

Feeling grounded gives us the ability to be calm, recharge and take care of ourselves.  It can make us feel safe in a time of uncertainty and bring us to a greater state of peace.  If you are needing a lower energy practice give these 3 yoga poses a try.  Do this simple sequence to help ground your energy, feel safe, calm and supported.  You’ll need a bolster, two blocks and a blanket.

1) Supported Child’s Pose

Place two blocks under your bolster.  Come to hands and knees, place your knees around your bolster, bring your toes close together and rest your bottom toward your heels, allowing your belly and chest to rest on your bolster.  Turn your head to one side and remain for 5-10 breaths. Lift your head and turn to the other side for 5-10 breaths.

2) Prone Savasana or Jellyfish

Place your bolster flat on your mat and lie on top of your bolster with your belly and chest down on the bolster.  Place your hands under your head for support.  Remain here for 5-10 breaths.

3) Variation of Supine Cobbler’s Pose

Place your bolster horizontally on your mat and put your two blocks side by side in front of your bolster.  Lay down and place your feet on the blocks and bring the soles of your feet together and open your legs.  Place your blanket over your hips and belly.  Take 5-10 breaths here.

If you like this simple sequence let me know in the comments below!  If you haven’t tried this at home be sure to come to one my yoga classes this week we will be doing at least one of these poses in class!