3 Tips To Spice Up Your Yoga Practice 

Does your yoga practice feel routine?  

Follow these 3 Tips to spice up your practice and get out of your yoga rut: 

1) Take It Outside 

Have you ever done yoga under a tree, at the beach or on your patio? Doing yoga outdoors gives you a new perspective, a beautiful view and not to mention a chance to breathe in some fresh air!  Do some sun salutations at the park, try an online class on your patio or join me this weekend for beach yoga

2) Take A Workshop

Workshops give you an opportunity to learn something more in depth.  Invest in your education!  Become more skilled at yoga and hone in on your potential for growth in your practice!  Workshops have class size limits so you will get more one-on-one attention.  Also, workshops are typically longer than normal classes so the instructor is able to teach the topic specifically with more detail and clarity.  

3) Take A Restorative Class

I know it seems counter-intuitive but sometimes spicing up your practice means just slowing down.  If you’re on the edge of a plateau or burn-out taking more time may just be what you need.  Restorative classes are amazing for your body and your mind.  Give yourself a little TLC and treat yourself to a restorative class at least once a month.  

I hope these tips helped you!  Let me know if you are going to try out any of these suggestions ūüôā 

3 Tips To Simplify Your Life

I know some days can feel overwhelming, challenging and just plain complicated! ¬†It doesn’t have to be that way! ¬†Learn 3 tips on how to simplify your life below:

1) Priorities, priorities, priorities.

What are your priorities? Make a list of what matters most to you. ¬†Look at this list whenever you need a reminder of how you’d like to spend your energy. ¬†It’s surprising how easy it is to forget about what matters most. ¬†Keep yourself in check and remember your values.

2) Organization = Liberation

Clutter can lead to chaos. ¬†Organizing your home, your office, your closet, your car, your purse, your wallet, your computer files etc. makes it easier to find the things you need when you need them. ¬†Dedicate some time to de-cluttering and get rid of any non-essential items. ¬†Consider donating anything you don’t need because someone’s trash is another persons’ treasure! ¬†If this feels like a big overhaul, take smaller steps and de-clutter what you can when you can.
3) Focus 

We live in a world with endless information and most days we are being asked to give that output of energy in return. ¬†It’s no wonder people try to multi-task and end up feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and disconnected. ¬†Learning to focus on whatever is in front of you is actually more efficient than multitasking. ¬†Think Quality over Quantity. ¬†Whatever you are doing, take the time to do it and do it well! ¬†Be present.

Let me know if these tips were helpful!  If you are interested in simplifying your life and need some professional assistance personalizing this to your life, reach out to me about one-on-one life coaching here! I would love to help you simplify your life.

3 Tips For A Great Hiking Experience And Come Hike With Me This Sunday! 

I love hiking! It is so great to get outdoors, enjoy nature and breathe in some fresh air! I am leading a free hike this weekend with my friends at Fabletics Woodland Hills! Join us this Sunday 9/10 from 8am-9am at Serrania Park in Woodland Hills 20726 Wells Dr, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. There is plenty of free parking in the lot and on the street. Any and all are welcome! Enjoy the outdoors, get some great exercise, bring your friends, meet some new friends and leave with a Fabletics swag bag full of goodies! Can’t wait to see you Sunday!
Check out my 3 Tips below to have a Great Hiking Experience:

Tip #1 Be In Good Company

Always go hiking with a companion! ¬†Bring Fido, your friend, or join a hiking club, (like Fabletics’ hiking club with yours truly)! ¬†Not only is it great to share the outdoors with someone but it’s also safer to travel in numbers. ¬†Having an extra set of eyes or a helping hand is so valuable when hiking!

Tip #2 Be Prepared

Bring water and an energy bar. ¬†Wear clothes that are comfortable but are easy to layer so you are ready for any weather. ¬†A hat, sunglasses and some SPF are always smart choices so you don’t get too much sun. ¬†Always make sure your shoes and socks are comfortable before you set off to climb a mountain! ¬†Bring your cell phone but set it to vibrate so it won’t bother you (or the surrounding wildlife) on your hike.

Tip #3 Enjoy The Journey

I think the best part about hiking is connecting with nature.  Stop to smell the flowers.  As you climb up the mountain, feel your feet mindfully stepping on the ground.  Look at the vibrant colors of the world around you.  Listen to the sounds of the wildlife.  And most importantly, enjoy the view!

Happy Hiking!

3 Tips For How To Share Yoga With Someone You Love. 

Do you love yoga so much that you want to share its benefits with someone you love? I have heard many students say they wish they could get their spouse, friend, family member, etc. to come to yoga. ¬†Here’s some tips to get the person you care about to try yoga.

Tip #1 Lead By Example 

Being happy and healthy can sometimes become contagious! If you want to get the person you love to try yoga, just practice your yoga!  If your friend, spouse, family member, etc sees how much you love yoga and how it has helped you, they may become interested in trying it because if it works for you, it may work for them too!

Tip #2 Give A Little, Get A Lot

So you love yoga and want to share it with a loved one but have you ever wondered if your loved one may want to share something that they love with you?  Ask them! Make it a fun adventure to try something your friend, spouse, family member, etc has wanted to share with you and then you can bring them to a yoga class in return!  You never know, both of you may develop new interests!

Tip #3 Be The Yoga 

Can’t get the person you love to practice yoga with you? Bring the yoga to them! ¬†Try taking your practice off your mat and share the mindfulness you’ve acquired in practice with the person you care about! Listen intently to them when they speak to you in conversation, be calm around them in difficult situations, lend a helping hand when they need it, or be more loving with your words and actions. ¬†I believe that taking your practice off your mat and using it in relationships is the most rewarding (and often times the most challenging) part of your yoga practice. ¬†Your loved one will definitely enjoy the benefits of your yoga practice and you will too!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these tips or if you’d like to bring a loved one to any of my classes at YogaWorks- they can come try their first class for free!


Creativity Flow Yoga at the Beach! 

Join Natalie and me for a fun beach yoga class to get your creative juices flowing with some yoga, journaling, mantras and essential oils, crystal healing and Reiki this weekend!
When: Sunday August 27th 8:30am-9:30am

-We believe everybody has an intrinsic ability to create.

-Learn to explore your creative side with the practice of yoga, essential oils, meditation, journaling, crystal healing, Reiki and deep reflection.

-Leave inspired and with a fun goodie bag!

Location: Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Malibu Tower 3 (Surfrider)

-The element of creativity is water, so we believe that doing yoga by the ocean not only inspires us because of its breathtaking beauty but it will nourish your creativity!

-Enjoy your Savasana with the sound of the ocean waves

-No registration necessary! Meet us at: 23200 Pacific Coast Hwy & Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA 90263 park in the lot, the road or in Malibu Country Mart & walk along the peaceful & serene Malibu Lagoon path to meet us at the beach!

What to Bring: You + Your Creativity!

-Yoga mat, beach towel, journal, and pen.

-Wear a hat, sunglasses and bring a jacket.

-Suggested Donation of $10

For more info about this specialized yoga visit creativityflowyoga.com 


We can’t wait to see you there!

3 Tips for Healthy Eating

I love living a healthy lifestyle because I feel better when I make healthy choices and when I feel better I am a happier, kinder and more compassionate person.  Being healthy does not just mean being active but it also means treating my body with respect and love!  Follow my 3 Tips for healthy eating to feel your best inside and out!

Tip #1 Drink More Water 

This one seems like a no-brainer but it can be the hardest to remember! ¬†Look at what you are drinking most often (coffee, tea, soda, juice, etc.) and replace it with water. ¬†Or just try to have water with every meal and with snacks. ¬†Don’t like just plain water? Add mint, lemon or cucumber and make spa water! Or try sparkling water! Water helps you digest food properly, naturally detoxes the body and also helps you feel more energized!

Tip #2 Eat The Rainbow 

Healthy foods are colorful!  The more colorful your plate is, the more variety and vitamins are on your plate! The next time you sit down to eat look at your plate and see if you can have ROYGBIV join you for your meal.  Vegetables come in all different colors! Try to keep your plate vibrant and your body will thank you for the extra nutrients!

Tip #3 Make It Pretty 

Taking the time to make your food look appealing is a great way to create mindful eating habits.  This means you can plate your food thoughtfully, make a beautiful rainbow of colors on a salad, put a garnish of mint on top of your smoothie, or make a yogurt parfait in a fancy glass.  If you spend time creating a beautiful meal, most likely you will savor the meal and enjoy it slowly and mindfully.  Eating mindfully allows you to notice what you are eating, enjoy your food and feel when you are full.

Every time we sit down to eat we have a choice to put something great into our bodies to fuel us and give us the energy we need to feel our best.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these tips!

Happy Eating!

3 Tips For How To Make Successful Goals

Being a Life Coach and a Yoga Teacher means I am privileged with helping many people achieve their goals.  I truly love everything about this work!  Check out my 3 Tips below for how to set goals that set you up to succeed!

Tip #1 Celebrate the baby steps!

Keep in mind that some goals you make are short term goals and some are long term goals. ¬†Identify which goals you can achieve tomorrow vs. which goals you may need to achieve in 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years! ¬†People don’t always realize that the baby steps are usually the hardest part of achieving your goal. ¬†Recognize the baby steps you make toward your progress and take time to reward yourself! ¬†Even just a positive thought or some words of encouragement can be a simple reward to keep yourself motivated.

Tip #2 Envision your goal as a reality and see it everyday. 

Taking the time to visualize your goal is important.  It sets you up for feeling the fruits of your labor and motivates you to keep up the good work!  Making a visual space where you can see your goal everyday can be extremely helpful as a reminder to make daily progress toward achieving your goal.  This may be a vision board with pictures and cutouts of your goal, it may be a phrase of what achieving your goal feels like or it may be a motivational list of smaller baby steps to check off in order to mover closer to your goal that month.

Tip #3 Accountability is key! 

Having someone that can check in on your progress or vice versa can be so valuable to achieving a goal! ¬†Joining a social media challenge, making a goal with friends or even hiring a life coach can help you check in with others and share your progress. ¬†It’s helpful to have someone to share your challenges as well as your successes with. ¬†Never underestimate the power of a helping hand or a listening ear.

Do you have any goals you’d like to set? Leave a response in the comments below!

Do you need help achieving your goals? Hire me as a life coach and receive a free 30-min consultation. Contact me for more details ūüôā

3 Tips For How To Start (& Keep) A Home Practice 

Tip #1 Create a space for your home yoga practice.

Find a place in your home that has enough room for your yoga mat.  Any place will do! Leave your mat nearby this space so you can easily access it whenever you make the time to practice.  If you feel inspired to add yoga props or a statue or a diffuser- even better! Whatever will inspire you to breathe on your mat for any amount of time will do!

Tip #2 Let go of the small stuff (aka distractions)!

It doesn’t matter if your floors are dirty, the dishes aren’t clean, you haven’t responded to emails, the dog wants to snuggle or you are wearing your pajamas- just practice! Spending any amount of time practicing yoga will give you all the superpowers you need to get that stuff done later! ¬†Yoga is now. ¬†Do the small stuff later.

Tip #3 You do have enough time, trust me. 

Any amount of time spent on your mat breathing, practicing postures or meditating is well worth it. ¬†Don’t get caught up worrying about if you have enough time to get in a whole class- just do what you can when you can. ¬†Do you like to stick to a schedule? Make a schedule. ¬†Do you like to go with the flow? Go with the flow. ¬†Keep it simple. ¬†Do what works for you and it will work!

Let me know if you feel inspired to start a home practice in the comments below!

3 Tips for Traveling Yogis

Is summer almost over?! Say it isn’t so!

I know some of you have a last hurrah vacation planned for summer time fun so here’s 3 tips for how to practice yoga even when you’re traveling:

Tip #1 No mat, no problem.   

Don’t get hung up on the small stuff. ¬†Yes, you could get a travel mat and bring it with you wherever your travels take you but it’s also ok to practice yoga wherever you are and on whatever surface you find accommodating to your practice. ¬†Downdog does not discriminate. ¬†You can practice yoga on a carpet, hardwood floors, a chair, a wall, grass etc. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have a mat be an excuse for you not to practice. ¬†Try Puppy Dog at the wall, a chair twist in a chair, Cat/Cow on the hotel floor, tree Pose in a grassy park, or try a simple meditation in your bed when you wake up.

Tip #2 Be adventurous! 

Look up local yoga studios where you are traveling and attend a class.  I love trying out new yoga studios when I travel because yoga is always different in different parts of of the world.  Dialects, sequences, music/no music tastes, themes, etc all differ from what you are used to at home.  Keep in mind, your practice is your practice nonetheless so have an open mind but feel free to take it easy.

Tip #3 Be Present

The best gift of traveling is the ability to be present. ¬†Remember to soak in all the wonderful memories we make on fun vacations! ¬†If your yoga practice is working it’s magic this is a no-brainer. ¬†You are doing your yoga practice when you are enjoying the sunset (without taking a photo of it), laughing with your family, savoring the taste of your fresh brewed coffee or taking in the sights of a historic city.

Let me know your favorite places to travel and if you’ve ever done any yoga on vacation in the comments below!

3 Tips To Sleep Like A Baby

Have you ever had a night where your mind feels so busy you just cannot fall asleep? Or maybe you wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back asleep? Here’s 3 Tips to get you snoozing in no time:

1. Legs up the wall (or headboard)

This yoga pose will help you sleep soundly. ¬†Viparita Karani or Legs Up The Wall Pose is a great way to relax and calm the body. ¬†This inversion is great at recirculating your blood flow back toward the heart. ¬†This allows your body time to rest and recharge instead of having all of your organs working overtime. ¬†Your feet and legs may start to feel tingly- this is normal. ¬†This is a great way to unwind especially after a long day of you are on your feet a lot. ¬†Allow your breath to be even and steady here. ¬†You may even try this in your bed and lift your legs up your headboard, that way you don’t have to move around a lot to get back into your favorite sleeping position. ¬†To come into the pose curl up into a little ball on one side close to a wall or the headboard, then lay onto your back and lift your legs up the wall or headboard. ¬†Stay in this pose for about 5-8 minutes. ¬†To come out draw your knees to your chest and roll to one side and then find your way to a comfortable position for sleeping.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

This essential oil is like a magic potion for sleeping.  Lavender is a soothing and relaxing essential oil that reduces stress.  Place a few drops into your hands and cup your hands around your nose taking a few deep breaths to enjoy this scent or place it in your favorite diffuser before bedtime to let your room have a calming lavender scent upon your snoozy arrival.  You can even try dropping a few drops on your pillow so when you rest your head on your pillow you will inhale the scent of lavender as you sleep.

3. Body Scan Meditation

This body scan meditation offers a great way to relax the physical body and give a single focus to the mind.  When you are lying in bed take a moment to feel your body resting.  Breathe deeply in and breathe deeply out.  Feel every part of your body relax into the bed.  Feel your toes relax.  Feel your feet relax.  Feel your legs relax.  Feel your pelvis, hips and bottom relax.   Feel your belly relax.  Feel your chest relax.  Feel your shoulders relax.  Feel your arms relax.  Feel your hands relax.  Feel your fingers relax.  Feel your neck relax.  Feel your jaw and lips relax.  Feel your ears and cheeks relax.  Feel your eyes relax under their closed lids.  Feel your forehead relax.  Feel the back of your head relax.  Feel your whole body relax.

I hope these tips help you sleep better! Sweet dreams!