Pop Up Yoga Tune Up

Need some self-care this weekend for the needs of your knees? Come to my Pop-Up class at YogaWorks Tarzana this weekend Saturday at 12pm. Needy knees NO more! In this Yoga Tune Up® self care class we will be exploring the landscape of your knee. This class will help you understand how to align your body optimally and safely for your knee health. We will use the Yoga Tune Up therapy balls to roll out the muscles that neighbor your knee and affect your knee health including your feet, calves, shins and quads. Learn how to strengthen the muscles surrounding your knees and understand what variations you can take in regular yoga classes to help improve your knee health. This class will help you learn how to let go of nagging aches and pains and improve your awareness of individual variations to help you find ease and strength in your yoga practice. 🙏 free to members 💚

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My name is Ashley and I believe that a balanced life is a good life. I offer yoga, life coaching and healthy tips in an authentic, accessible and real way for real people. Yoga is a practice. My callings & passions: Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Blogger, Loving Mama & Wife, Songwriter, Positive Thinker, not necessarily in that order.

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