Come Hike With Me This Sunday! 

Come Hike With Me This Sunday! 

Are you excited for your extra hour of sleep this weekend?!  Come join me and the Fabletics crew for a fun free hike this Sunday Nov. 5th at 8am! We will start with some meditation and yoga and go for a beautiful hike along the Caballero Canyon Trail in Tarzana.

Directions:Get off at Reseda blvd and drive south of the blvd all the way up to the top of Reseda. (Basically drive up Reseda until the street turns into the hiking trail!) Parking is on the street.

We will meet by the grass all the way at the top of the hill to start our hike off with some yoga and meditation before hitting the trail! All hiking participants get some goodies from Fabletics and a discount on purchases at the store that day!

Bring your friends, family, friendly dogs and kids!

3 Reasons To Do Something That Scares You

3 Reasons To Do Something That Scares You

Happy Halloween! In keeping up with the Halloween spirit, I’m challenging my students to face their (yoga) fears in class this week!  What scares you?!  Check out these three reasons why you should do something that scares you below:

1) Builds Your Confidence

Doing something that scares you, even if you don’t succeed, can help you build up the confidence to face your fear again!  Being brave builds confidence.

2) Reduces Anxiety

By becoming more familiar with your fear, you can make steps toward confronting it.  Every time you get closer to facing your fear you get to shed a little bit of your anxiety surrounding it.

3) Makes You Live In The Moment

When you are scared, chances are you are not thinking about what you are going to have for dinner later or how you should have proof read that email you sent earlier.  You are totally focusing on what’s happening right now.  This complete presence is one of the most wonderful things about facing your fears.  It requires all of your attention.

What fears will you try to face in your yoga practice or in your life this week?! Let me know in the comments below!