3 Tips To Stay Positive

What a crazy world we live in, right?!?

When your day has got you down, how do you hold onto the positivity and let go of the negativity? Here are 3 tips to help you out:

Tip #1 Give, give, give 

When I am feeling especially negative, I turn to giving.  I give my time, my effort or my love to others.  Some of you may feel like giving financially to a charity, getting involved in some way to help out where you feel there is the most need or even just being more present with your loved ones.  Listen to your heart and see where you are being asked to give.

Tip #2 Turn It Upside Down

Changing your perspective can be a powerful tool to see the positive side of something.  In our yoga practice, we can use the asanas to create a landscape that shifts our perspectives by literally seeing the world from a different angle because of how we place our bodies.  Give yourself a moment to pause and take a yoga class.   You may find that turning your world upside down will help you change how you look at things!

Tip #3 Find Gratitude

There’s always something to be grateful for even when things are bad.  Try writing a list of all of the things you are grateful for and read them aloud to yourself.  Sometimes we just need a reminder of all the wonderful things in our life that we do have and that gives us enough motivation to stay positive.

* YogaWorks is hosting a fun Gratitude Challenge this week to foster a community of gratitude and support!  If you’d like to participate, go to your local studio and write down one thing you’re grateful for and keep up your gratitude and yoga practice.  I’ll be joining in the fun at Tarzana and Woodland Hills! 🙂

I hope these simple tips will help you find the silver lining.  Let me know how it works for you in the comments below.  What works for you? I’d love to hear about it!

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My name is Ashley and I believe that a balanced life is a good life. I offer yoga, life coaching and healthy tips in an authentic, accessible and real way for real people. Yoga is a practice. My callings & passions: Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Blogger, Loving Mama & Wife, Songwriter, Positive Thinker, not necessarily in that order.

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