3 Tips To Simplify Your Life


I know some days can feel overwhelming, challenging and just plain complicated!  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Learn 3 tips on how to simplify your life below:

1) Priorities, priorities, priorities.

What are your priorities? Make a list of what matters most to you.  Look at this list whenever you need a reminder of how you’d like to spend your energy.  It’s surprising how easy it is to forget about what matters most.  Keep yourself in check and remember your values.

2) Organization = Liberation

Clutter can lead to chaos.  Organizing your home, your office, your closet, your car, your purse, your wallet, your computer files etc. makes it easier to find the things you need when you need them.  Dedicate some time to de-cluttering and get rid of any non-essential items.  Consider donating anything you don’t need because someone’s trash is another persons’ treasure!  If this feels like a big overhaul, take smaller steps and de-clutter what you can when you can.
3) Focus 

We live in a world with endless information and most days we are being asked to give that output of energy in return.  It’s no wonder people try to multi-task and end up feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and disconnected.  Learning to focus on whatever is in front of you is actually more efficient than multitasking.  Think Quality over Quantity.  Whatever you are doing, take the time to do it and do it well!  Be present.

Let me know if these tips were helpful!  If you are interested in simplifying your life and need some professional assistance personalizing this to your life, reach out to me about one-on-one life coaching here! I would love to help you simplify your life.

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My name is Ashley and I believe that a balanced life is a good life. I offer yoga, life coaching and healthy tips in an authentic, accessible and real way for real people. Yoga is a practice. My callings & passions: Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Blogger, Loving Mama & Wife, Songwriter, Positive Thinker, not necessarily in that order.

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